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Military Vehicles & Tanks

Brand: Hauler SKU: HAU-HLX48048
resin-etched set in 1-48 scale..
US$10.00 22 % OFF
Brand: Hauler SKU: HAU-HLX48095
resin ammunition..
US$7.85 21 % OFF
Brand: Hauler SKU: HAU-HLX48006
parts for TAMIYA kit 1-48..
US$9.29 23 % OFF
Brand: Eduard Models SKU: ED 635003
English machine gun Bren with two types of magazines in 35th scale.Set contains bag for empty shells and support legs.Photo-etched details included...
US$9.29 23 % OFF
Brand: Resicast SKU: RES-352297
Sherman turret smoke bomb throwers including 2 early or late side mounted smoke mortars and two turret ring mortars...
US$11.44 20 % OFF
Brand: Resicast SKU: RES-352287
5 x C20, 8 x Cartridge, 5 x P59, 4 x HE/Smoke rounds, 5x P60, 4 x AP rounds included...
US$22.91 17 % OFF
Brand: Voyager Models SKU: VBS0307
#NOTE: The set does NOT include a model kit...
US$16.46 20 % OFF
Brand: Voyager Models SKU: VBS0313
The set fits for Tiger I 88mm Gun FlaK 18/36/37...
US$14.31 20 % OFF
Brand: Voyager Models SKU: VBS0310
length and diameter of these shell is around 0.72 cm x 0.22 cm..
US$8.57 24 % OFF
Brand: Voyager Models SKU: VBS0219
#NOTE: The set does NOT include a model kit...
US$16.85 18 % OFF
Brand: MiniArt Models SKU: MA35316
Unassembled plastic model kitBox ??ontains models of german rockets..
US$21.48 18 % OFF
Brand: Academy Models SKU: AC 13262
The set contains: 1x 50 Cal MG and Tripod 1x 50 Cal MG Mounted on Tank 1x 50 Cal MG 1x 50 Cal MG Tripod (Folded) 1x 30 Cal LMG Tripod (Folded) 1x 30 Cal MG Ammunition Belt 1x 50 Cal Barrels 3x 50 Cal Barrels 1x 50 Cal MG Ammunition Belt 1x 30 Cal LMG & Tripod 1x 30 Cal LMG Mounted on Tank 1x 30 Cal..
US$8.96 20 % OFF
Brand: Panzer Art SKU: RE35-065
Type: resin parts..
US$5.70 20 % OFF
Brand: Panzer Art SKU: RE35-568
#NOTE: The set does NOT include a model kit...
US$9.29 23 % OFF
Brand: FC Model Trend SKU: FC-35933
This is a resin model kit, which comes unassembled and unpainted. So glue, model paints and other basic modelling tools are additionally required...
US$11.44 17 % OFF
Brand: Passion Models SKU: PM35-121A
The set contains:Barrel A x 1Barrel Jacket x 1The barrel surface is oil treated to avoid lasting. Wash off with thinner before use...
US$10.72 21 % OFF
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