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Inside the Armour

Brand: Inside the Armour SKU: ITAP009
This book tells the story of the age of the French Pre-dreadnought from the 1870s to the First World War, through the postcards of the age. From contre torpilleurs, to cruisers to battleships, each is presented on a single page with a caption to describe the subject.This A5 landscape book is pre..
Brand: Inside the Armour SKU: ITAP005
Featuring projects tips and scratchbuilding strategies from Andy Canning, Alex Clark, Chris Meddings, and Darren ThompsonIt features scratchbuilding from detailing to conversion to a full scratchbuild, ad step by step tips on techniques96 pages..
Colour Book -
Brand: Inside the Armour SKU: ITAP004
This book focuses on WWI Aircraft exclusively with a strong relation to Wingnut Wings models. Jeroen Veen and Flip Hendricks have a deep passion for these models and wanted to share their experience, hoping to inspire in a way modellers that feel the same about this era in history.This book is fille..
Brand: Inside the Armour SKU: ITAP003
Soviet designed and built armour from The Cold War and The Warsaw Pact has fought around the world on 4 continents in wars for over 60 years. In this book you can find subjects as diverse as a Shilka in Iraq, to T54 in Vietnam to a BMP in Afghanistan to see these workhorses of modern conflict modell..
Perfect Pits: Aicraft Cockpit (English, 72 pages)
Brand: Inside the Armour SKU: ITAP8-PP
Perfect Pits is your guide to getting the most out of the focal point of any aicraft build: the CockpitIn this book, Jeroen Veen, Will Pattison, Tom Anyz and Chris Meddings take you through their own approaches to getting the most from your 'pit, including painting, scratchbuilding, aftermarket an..
Models for Ukraine Book (English, A4, 76 pages)
Brand: Inside the Armour SKU: ITAMFU
Models For Ukraine is a new book published to raise money for humanitarian aid for Ukraine.The companies fearured include Miniart, Masterbox, ICM, Dora Wings, Wingsy Kits, Micromir, Modelsvit, Clearprop, Roden, and more, al ukrainian companies that modellers know and love.The models include airc..
Modelling AFV Club Armour Book (English, 80 pages)
Brand: Inside the Armour SKU: ITAMACA
Celebrating the Armour kits of AFV Club, this 80page book features models by David Parker, David Chou, Ken Abrams, John Murphy, Jose Brito, Mark Neville, and Chris Meddings. Each author takes an AFV Club armour kit and adds their own style to show you the best in Armour Modelling now...
Scratchbuilding Aircraft [Megas Tsonos] (English, 152 pages)
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Brand: Inside the Armour SKU: ITAP007
Megas Tsonos' superb book on scratchbuilding aircraft, with 152 pages and over 600 colour photos taking you through the entire process, from tools and materials, to using plans, to planning your build and tackling individual areas of the construction of your own fully scratchbuilt aircraft scale mod..
Ship Modeller Magazine Issue 7 (English, 104 pages)
Future Release
Brand: Inside the Armour SKU: ITAP008
The final Issue of Ship Modeller Magazine. Includes full build of Seydlitz limping home from Jutland, 1/700 build of Inazuma (Yamashita hobby and Tetra), 1/500 build of Chitose (Seals Models), full build of 1/350 Combrig Huascar, show report on Mosonshow, Show report on Shizuoka and extensive walkar..
Ship Modeller Magazine Issue 6 (English)
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Brand: Inside the Armour SKU: ITAP006
Issue 6 is here with 6 build articles plus reviews and more! In this issue: HIGH TIDE: 1/35 Type 96 AAA Diorama article CLOSE ALLIES 1/700 Diorama featuring HMAS Waramanga and USS Wasp article HIT FAST HIT HARD 1/144 Tupolev G5 Torpedo Boat article JMSDF 5003 Shirase Walkaround Regia Nave Euro..
Master Yoon, the Art of Military Figures (English, 96 pages)
Future Release
Brand: Inside the Armour SKU: ITAP010
Master Yoon - THE ART OF MILITARY FIGURESWolfpack Design brings us the English Language version of Master Ki-Yeol Yoon's book on his military figures. A must read for military modellers and figure painters alike184mm x 258mm size, 18 articles,full colour throughout 96 pages..
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