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Brand: Scale Motorsport SKU: SMS 1102
Each set comes with eight separate blades: three different head designs in both fine and rough saw blade teeth grades. The Saw Blade Set is made from hardened stainless steel so each blade will not only last longer but will maintain it's shape and tooth grade over many operations.This set of bla..
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Brand: Scale Motorsport SKU: SMS 1103
Each set comes with eleven separate scriber blades made from hardened stainless steel to last longer and improve scribing when working with resin body parts and detail components. This set of blades is designed to work in both X-Acto and Olfa blade handles.Illustrations enlarged to show off the teet..
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Brand: Tamiya Models SKU: TM 74094
This set of thin craft saws is made from photo-etched metal to enable extremely fine cuts. The blades feature grips which can be folded 011er to increase support and this feature also allows them to be fitted onto the Modeller's Knife's handle for greater ease of use...
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Brand: Tamiya Models SKU: TM 74005
Features:Curved tip specially designed to cut polycarbonate bodies used on radio controlled vehicles. These can also be used for airplane canopies, helicopter windshields and other plastics. Black plastic handle for comfort and control. Stainless steel cutting blades.Includes:One pair of Body Scisso..
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Brand: Tamiya Models SKU: TM 87112
This Craft Spatula features a new shape which allows for easy mixing and application of paints. This spatula is made from POM (a polyacetal resin) which makes it highly resistant to water and chemical damage and can also be used with the application of Epoxy Cement and putty...
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Brand: Tamiya Models SKU: TM 74068
About the Scissors- Small size (1cm) blades last longer than modelling knife, perfect for cutting out small parts.- Easy-to-use shape suited to precision photo-etched part work (cannot cut thicker surfaces).- Includes special cap to preserve blades...
US$21.15 18 % OFF
Brand: Tamiya Models SKU: TM 74111
This handy tool is perfect for modifying plastic models or Mini 4WD machines, as well as woodcraft. Its blades are slightly thicker than Item 74018 Mini Razor Saw and therefore less prone to distortion or warping. The item includes 2 blades of different width, and features fine teeth which enable it..
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Brand: Alexen Model SKU: ALE-AJ0036
Mini hand saw tool for plastic kits..
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Etched Saw & Scriber Set (I)
Etched Saw & Scriber set (B)
Brand: T2M (Tuner Model Manufactory) SKU: T2M-5022
- Photo-etched cutting/sawing blades- Thickness 0.30mm..
US$6.42 23 % OFF
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-9168
This is one of the essential tools for a scale modelling workbench. Special scissors for cutting photo-etched parts. They have a long arm and a curved tip to apply more force and to make a precise cut...
Brand: Trumpeter Models SKU: TR 09917
Four sets stainless steel saw with plastic grip are provided..
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Brand: U-Star SKU: UA-90370
Can be used on Tamiya #74040 and U-Star UA-1900..
US$5.70 25 % OFF
Brand: Tamiya Models SKU: TM 74124
These versatile scissors are a must-have addition to every modeller's tool kit - not only can the high-quality blades cut through plastic such as the polycarbonate used on many Tamiya R/C model bodies, they can also handle softer metals and other materials/thicknesses above and beyond the capabiliti..
US$32.23 18 % OFF
Brand: Crazy Modeler SKU: EP0013
Brand New For General Use..
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Brand: T2M (Tuner Model Manufactory) SKU: T2M-5026
- Photo-etched cutting/sawing blades- Thickness 0.30mm..
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Brand: Echo Tech SKU: ECH ZH11
Material SK-H Steel Size L=25mm x W=4mm x t=0.4mm Compatible with: ZO-91, USW334, ZO-40, ZO-41..
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