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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-LANDS-101
*NOTE: The set does NOT include any figure or diorama kit.The set includes four different products to represent the different states of the snow in the nature:- LANDS101-1 Crust- LANDS101-2 Powder- LANDS101-3 Corn Snow- LANDS101-4 SlushThe set has four stackable boxes with only one lid...
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-MG-Profiles2
104 Pages, A-4. ALL TEXTS IN ENGLISH- Camouflage colors 1943-1945 - RAL - Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Ausf.A (Sd.Kfz. 171) - Tigre I (Sd.Kfz. 181) - Tigre II (Sd.Kfz. 182) - Interpretation of Colors - BibliographyMore than 200 profiles regarding schemes used by German Armoured Vehicles from September 1944 t..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA009
Issue 9 is focus on:2. Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. GA very complete work with a further analyse of the painting techniques applied on a tank and some crewmen belonging to Afrikakorps. See also some colour profiles, a cut-a-way and a reportage.38. UnteroffizierFigure in scale 1/35: a refined paintwork to port..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA060
Good, Ugly and formal. Churchill Mk. IV. Cruiser Tank A13 MKIII. Cruiser Tank Mk VI (A-15) Crusader III. The Queen of the Desert. Matilda Mk.II A. Grant Tank MKI.Index (Enlish version)2- Good, Ugly and formal. Churchill Mk. IV. Everyone knows about the quality of Antonio Martin's articles. In this..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA059
English version2. Panzer II F, 1/35 Lukasz Orczyc-Musialek gives us his interpretation of this classic Pz II with a winter camo as a part of a fantastic diorama. Much in his line of work, he explains the full process in a very clear sequence of pictures. In these we can see every detail and access..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA058
2.- 8,8 cm This great modeller from Macao delights us with one of the most mythical subjects of World War II, the well-known "eighty-eight". The assembly of this piece is very complete and complex, detailed with photoetched and home-made elements. The build is topped off with extremely attractive Pa..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA056
2.- SU-76 M Lukasz is one of the seasoned modellers we've mentioned above, but we're sure that you were already aware, right? One of the main features of his work is a careful assembly always improved and seasoned with a wide array of accessories. But this is not the only reason we've published his ..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA051
Issue 51 is focus on:2.Cruiser Tank A-30 Challenger, scale 1/35Juan Luis is an experienced modeller who executes his projects with lots of dedication, intent and mastery. His A-30 is no exception and is a seldom seen kit which has been dealt with resourcefulness in spite of being a difficult kit.16...
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA050
Issue 50 is focus on:2.- Defeat in 35mm 1/35 scaleA remarkable diorama by Javier Redondo portraying the efficiency of the Blitzkrieg in the early stages of WWII, combining in an excellent way three small sized, but highly attractive vehicles.24.Sherman IC Hybrid "Firefly" 1/35A classic Sherman with ..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA031
Issue 31 is focus on:- 2. M163 A1 VULCANA most remarkable and hyper-detailed kit with an equally outstanding paintjob on an anti aircraft armoured vehicle used during the Vietnam War.- 20. StuG. III Ausf. BReturn to the winter camouflage schemes; now it's the turn for the well known German assault g..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA002
Issue 2 is focus on:2. Jagdpanzer IV L/48With this interesting work by J. Garcia Gnazquez, particular attention is paid to its weathering. In addition, the application of the different dirt and mud schemes are looked at.16. LVT 4J. Moreno Rodriguez gives a detailed account of the amount of detailing..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-LANDS-102
*NOTE: The set does NOT include any diorama kit.The set includes six different products to represent the mosses in diorama:- LANDS102-1 Yellowish- LANDS102-2 Intense- LANDS102-3 Olive- LANDS102-4 Dark Olive- LANDS102-5 Spongy- LANDS102-6 GreenishThe set has six stackable boxes with only one lid...
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-ML005
Contents:- 2. Colour chart and materials employed- 4. Detailed assembly?- 10. Paint treatments?- 26. General overviews?- 30. Colour profiles?- 32. Choosing Products?..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-ML003
32 Pages, A-4 format, colour profiles, models gallery and products and products analysis.?Contents:Step by step process which explains various tricks and techniques: Performing various types of impact, chipping, hairspray technique, dusting, painting tracks, oils, etc....
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-ML002
40 Pages, A-4 format, four colour profiles and products analysis.Contents:In this second issue we face to Junkers Ju 88 A-4. Step by step process which explains various tricks and techniques: Assembling the fuselage, Cleaning mold residue, New panelling lines, Masking transparent plastic pieces, Pai..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-ML001
32 Pages, A-4 format, four colour profiles, models gallery and products and products analysis.Contents:Magazine devoted to one single model, in this first issue the model chosen is a Panther Ausf.G with Steel Road Wheels. In an economical format but without refusing the high quality of Action Press ..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-LGV
if you want to learn all of the secrets of expert composition and fabrication of scale vignettes, look no further than this book by master modeler Joaquin Garcia Gazquez.- 168 pages- More than 600 pictures..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-MG-STUG3
From the publishers of EuroModelismo comes this volume dealing entirely with the Stug III, its development shown in real photos and in model form to produce an extensive reference on the vehicle.The book is entirely in colour (except for wartime photos) and is broken in to the following chapters;Int..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-FW190
Profiles of 100 aircraft used in the period 1939-1945.Contents:More than 240 drawings, including different views and details...
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-FD004
Contents:- Ethernia - Juan Jose Barrena (JJ)- Pan's Labyrinth - Eduard PErez Delgado- Conan - Diego Jose Jimenez Molina- The nasty - Adrian Williams- The Defiance - Vesa Makela- Gato Con botas - Andres Garcia Ruiz (Cruasan)- Kull of Atlantis - Alex Castro- Damn Pirate - Javier Gonzalez Lozano (Arsie..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO0014
With this Essential Techniques series we create a new way of learning modelling. This is a perfect series of books for those people who want to take the first steps in this hobby and for those who return to it after a while.More Info2.- INTRODUCTION 4.- GETTING STARTED 10.- TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES 36...
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-MG-RUS4
Contents:2. Pz.Kpfw. V Panther Ausf. A, 5.SS-Pz.Div. "Wiking"14. Perfiles: Pz.Kpfw. V Panther Ausf. A16. Pz.Kpfw. Vi tiger Ausf. E , 2. Pz.Rgt., SS-Pz.Gren.Div. "Das Reich"32. Perfiles: Pz.Kpfw. Vi tiger Ausf. E36. Pz.Kpfw. Vi tiger Ausf. E , Sch. Pz.Abt. 50954. Pz.Kpfw. VI tiger Ausf. E , Sch. Pz.A..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-MG-DAK
Monographic dedicated to the Deutsches Afrika Korps. In this 88 pages, softcover book you will find articles of the best actual modellers. Four articles with historical introductions and colour profiles:2. DAK CamouflagesHistorical introduction of the colour used by the DAK in their combats in North..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-MG-BANDW
Step-by-step how-to for painting in oils, acrylics, and enamels. Helpful guide to basic techniques, getting started, painting metal finishes, polishing metal, basing figures and groundwork, conversion and scratch building. 65 full-colour pages.Contents:2. Introduction: Monochromatic Miniatures with ..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-A-4
2.- ASSEMBLY 30.- PAINTING 32.- SHERMAN, Spring 1945 Dirt on a rural environment 44.- SHERMAN, February 1945 Volcanic dirt 60.- M26 SUPER PERSHING, Winter 1945 Rust & dust 76.- KING TIGER, ABRIL 1945 Dampness and rain effects 98.- TIGRE I, WINTER 1943 Mud & dirt 112.- RENAULT R-35 Rust..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA057
Panzer Aces focuses its attention on Modern Warfare AFV again and showcases the work of the best modellers who shows techniques on how to achieve the best results on modern vehicles. Four vehicles are shown with highly detailed images. Text and step-by-step guides share the techniques, painting ca..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA054
2.- German Spahpanzer Luchs A2. In spite of the beauty of its lines, the Luchs isnt a frequent visitor to specialized publications, shows or contests. Fortunately there are always modellers with an excellent taste and know how able to rescue such gems from the mists of forgetfulness. There is also ..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-LOW-03
The book focuses on:2. SniperGermany- Spring 1945, por Frederik Astier44. A Vehicle-Vignette in Large ScaleDisplaying the 1/9 Scale Zundapp KS 750, by Robert Dopp62. Solid Brick WallWith mold to create brick to brick70. Working with StyrodurBuildings and bases for dioramas, by Volker Bembennek94..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-LOW-02
Contents:2.Rommel in TunisiaWadi and Palm trees46.Base (ground) Grass-StonesDirect application, model scene/Ammo product on a simple base.56.The ArdennesIce and icicles70.The ArdennesThe Ardennes autumn92.Hurtgen Forest autumn, 1944Mushrooms, mosses and lichens114.Belarus - September 1944Rocky Base..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-VEHMIL
Language: EnglishPages: 200 full colour pagesFormat: 220x285 mmHard coverContents:Ranging from simple out-of-the-box projects to super detailing works.Step by step explanations. Hundreds of images in full colour,super-detailing, air-brushing. weathering, metalizing. Interior of openand closed vehicl..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-HAST-EN
Hastings, The Battle:The many photos used for illustrating this book are among the thousands taken during the re-enactment happened in October 2000. The battle was held in the town of Battle, in the Southern England.Pages: 104, full colour.Format: 210 x 280 mm..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-MA-ESCE
Language: EnglishPages: 200 full colour pagesFormat: 220x285 mmHard coverThe book focuses on:Part 2 Terrains and Vigettes- introduction- To begin, small groundwork- Parachutists terrain- A base for an archerPart 11 Small Scenes- introduction- Normandy 1944- What and How: TreesPart 16 Diorama Arnhem ..
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA052
The Issue 52 focuses on:2. Panzerbefehlswagen Pz.BfwG 38 (t) Ausf BThis small Czech AFV which eventually became rather useful for the German Army, was one of the great stars of the Blitzkrieg. It shows a seldom seen version; the command version identifiable by its large radio antenna found on the re..
Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-GM-AS2
With 200 pages, English language.Contents:2.MIG-21 BISA record breaking fighter26.BAe Harrier GR. 7AA pioneer of the skies54.Northrop F-5NKnow your foe80.Sukhoi SU Su-33 Sea FlankerThe Russian eagle118.Sepecat Jaguar AJaguars in the sand152.Motor RD-33 (MIG-29)A new generation160.F-14A TOMCATRemembe..
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Panzer Aces Magazine Issue No.55 (English Version)
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA055
2.- WAFFENTRAGER KRUPP STEYR This is one of those vehicles known only by three or four extant photographs of which two units were made at most. In this article you will find an easy albeit laborious method for making a highly attractive circular camouflage scheme. Both the assembly and paintjob are ..
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Panzer Aces Magazine issue No.53 (English Version)
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA053
The issue 53 focuses on:2. Panther Ausf. D 11. SS Pz Abteilung "Hermann von Salza"A last generation kit in the hands of Domingo Hernandez can be nothing but a success. Here you can see his magnificent Panther D executed with a few improvements and painted with the usual author's mastery.14. Jagdpanz..
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Colour Book -
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-MG-SCULP
Contents:2. Introduction4. Materials and Tools8. Body-language, expressions and character14. Ring Mail, Creases and Folds22. Sculpting a Figure36. Converting and sculpting a 90 mm mounted figure42. Vignettes and Dioramas54. Figure Gallery..
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Airplanes in Scale - Primera Guerra Mundial (English, 144 pages)
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-GM-AS3
The First World War caused an advance in unprecedented weapons: the armored vehicle, the flamethrower, the tracer bullets, the chemical weapons, the submarine, the aviation . . . Definitely, this conflict would change the way of understanding the war.It is for this reason that we wanted to conti..
Panzer Aces Magazine Issue No.43 (English Version)
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA043
Issue 43 is focus on:- 2. PANZER IV Ausf. B HEIDI, Scale 1/35A most enjoyable kit packed with details, sure to catch every hobbyist's eye and attention because of all of its numerous little features. This is a piece by Volker Bembennek, who goes at great lengths to explain all his work on this kit i..
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Colour Book - The Rise of Fantasy (English, 112 pages)
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO0006
*Note: This issue is only in ENGLISH language.A unique and amazing book written by the renown fantasy modeler Juan J. Barrena (JJ). 112 pages of frenetic step-by-step, full of countless painting and construction techniques, showing amazing examples of highlighting and shadow techniques, life-like wo..
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Colour Book - Special Issue: Euro Modelismo No.250 (English)
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-EM0250
Contents:- 4. A BRIEF HISTORY OF EUROMODELISMO??Brief history of modelling and publications in this field of the book publisher.?- 6. CHAR B FCM, Scale ?1/35?MENG offers this rare and curious kit with little relevance in terms of its historical role in WWII, but considerably interesting for AFV enth..
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Panzer Aces Magazine Issue No.36 (English Version)
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA036
Issue 36 is focus on:- 2. RETRO: ADLER Kfz. 13 (scale 1/35)Rare and unusual model. Since the model is a resin kit, it needs a specialdetail up with other elements to obtain the desired quality.- 14. Staghound; Kiwis at the Romagna, Rimini 1944 (scale 1/35)Little scene placed in a destroyed Italian v..
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Colour Book - Special Issue: Euro Modelismo No.251 (English, 80 pages)
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-EM0251
Contents:- 4. HISTORY OF THE HOBBY IN SPAIN, 1st PARTInteresting account of the beginnings of this hobby in Spain as told by Rodrigo Hernandez Cabos, exposing his experiences in this world of ours, the appearance of the first specialized stores, contests and the birth of the "Modelismo & Historia" m..
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Colour Book -
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO0001
With more than 200 pages and over 1,000 pictures, the latest release from Euromodelismo will show us in depth, how to assemble and paint a WW II fighter. This must have title includes a fighter for each main airforce during this period:North American P-51D MustangMACCHI C. 202Messerschmitt Bf 109 E1..
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Panzer Aces Magazine Issue No.46 - Special Modern AFVs (English Version)
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA046
Scale military vehicle magazine with high quality pictures. Step by step procedures by the most prestigious hobbyists in the international scene. The magazine also includes pretty unique visuals of the vehicles enhanced with numerous profiles by outstanding illustrators in the scale military hobby. ..
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Panzer Aces Magazine Issue No.38 (English Version)
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA038
Issue 38 is focus on:- 2. SHOT'EM UP! (1/35)Superb scene made by Ruben Gonzalez, where he shows all his skills to convey a lot of information in a reduced space. The main tank of the story is a wonderfully painted Sherman Firefly.- 24. FORD WOT3 (1/35)Few camouflages are as attractive as the Caunter..
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Colour Book -
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Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-MG-RAR
Contents:4. Panther G: After the battle12. Chevrolet: Useless waiting16. Sam-226. KV II: The defense of the Krupp Factory36. Ti-67: South Lebanese Army44. Jagdtiger54. Super E-100: The armoured monster62. Panzer IV: End, purpose and beginning76. Gallery?..
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